Business Spotlight on Casella Construction Inc.!

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This week’s business spotlight is Casella Construction who has been serving the greater New England area since 1989. Joseph Casella has been working for Casella Construction his whole life. With around 200 strong, determined and dedicated employees Casella Construction has had no trouble staying busy specializing in heavy highway road reconstruction, environmental construction, utility work, demolition, land development and civil construction. They also specialize in transportation, utilizing a fleet of over the road trucks and dump trucks, hauling steadily in Vermont and surrounding states. Their main goal and what motivates them is serving their customers. Casella will take the extra steps needed to insure customers and project owners are happy and satisfied. With over 200 pieces of equipment in their fleet they can help complete jobs on time and under budget. Customer satisfaction is what lead them to G. Stone Motors in 2011. Joseph stated, “Todd and the whole G. Stone team have taken very good care of Casella Construction and our vehicles are in great shape. Todd is very easy to deal with and everyone on his team does a great job to do everything they can to solve every problem their customers have”. Joseph currently drives a two-tone blue and gray 2016 Ford F350 6.7L Diesel. His favorite purchase was the most recent one, a used F450 Flat Rack truck that was not easy to find, “Todd and the G. Stone team did a great job finding the truck and getting it in time, so we could get it into the field for an early spring start.” We want to Thank Casella Construction for their trust and dedication to the G. Stone Team we really enjoy working with them in or Sales and Service Departments.

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