We had a chance to talk with Chief Brickell of the Brandon Police Department. Chief Brickell started at BPD in December 2004, and has continued his service there ever since. They have eight officers who patrol in and around the town of Brandon. As a police department, they are motivated by their service to the community and making sure the officers are responsive to all calls. BPD’s goal is to provide their duties with…

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Business Spotlight: Glen Peck Electric

We had a chance to sit down with Glen Peck of Glen Peck Electric. Glen’s father, Walter Peck, started the business 48 years ago when it was originally known as “Peck Electric”. In the late 1980’s, Glen took over full management of the business, which is now known as “Glen Peck Electric”.

Glen Peck Electric is based out of Middlebury, Vermont and is very diverse in what they do. They have all of…

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Business Spotlight: Vergennes Police Department

We had a chance to sit down with Chief George Merkel of the Vergennes Police Department. Chief Merkel started with the Vergennes Police Department on November 30th, 2009. Vergennes has 10 officers who patrol in and around the city. The officers answer service calls, mentor the youth, implement traffic control, carry out criminal investigations, and work with the community to solve problems.

“One of the most rewarding parts ...of the job is to see that…

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Business Spotlight: Pratt's Store

We had a chance to sit down with Darwin Pratt of Pratt’s store to talk about our business relationship and what it means to shop local. Darwin started business in 1969. When Darwin first started he had three employees. As of today he has sixteen employees! Darwin’s children, Corey and Stacey, are also partners in the business. Pratt’s Store has a full line of everything you can think of! Their competitive prices…

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Congrats Todd!

It was nice to see our very own Todd Stone redeem himself after last year's wreck at the World Series in New Smyrna, Florida. This year his overall finish was 3rd in the Pro Late Models! His finishes in all races include four 3rd place finishes, one 6th place finish, and one 9th place finish to make an overall of 3rd place. Congrats, Todd and safe travels home!

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Follow Todd Stone as he competes in the World Series!

Recently Todd had the opportunity to run his car on a Chassis Dyno at the DEI in North Carolina, the same Chassis Dyno that the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. used. Late this month, Todd will be in New Smyrna, Florida racing his pro late model stock car. If you are interested in following Todd’s racing schedule click on this link: Or if you want to watch the…

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