March 23, 2017 
Watchdog - Vermont DMV's Digital Motor-Vehicle Inspection Program Passes First Week

"...According to the DMV, the biggest changes to inspections include a real-time centralized collection of inspection results, the streamlining of the inspection process, and the elimination of unnecessary paperwork by inspection stations about vehicle safety issues. DMV officials also claim that they will be able to measure AVIP's effectiveness through vehicle safety and emission-failure data that is collected. "I know some customers don't like this new system, but so far it has made our jobs here easier," according to Vince Quenneville, auto and truck service manager at G. Stone Motors, a Ford and GMC Dealer, located on U. S. Route 7 in Middlebury. Quenneville said that G. Stone Motors' sister company, G. Stone Commercial - which sells industrial trucks and related equipment - also started using the new AVIP inspection system this week. "Yes, there was a cost to us," according to Quenneville. "We have $3,500 invested on the computerized equipment required, including iPad-like tablets and printers, but I think it's making the paperwork easier." Quenneville said that his company was responsible for spending approximately $1,700 per electronic unit required to complete a motor vehicle inspection. "Since G. Stone Commercial purchased the hardware, too, we have three of them," he said. Quenneville said that customers have a lot of questions about the new inspections, but few have complained, especially those who purchased their cars and trucks at the Middlebury dealership. "Inspections are free for them," Quenneville noted. But for other G. Stone customers looking to have their vehicles inspected by Quenneville, they don't have to worry about added costs. "We're not increasing our fees," he said. "We didn't see a reason to increase them. It will eliminate older vehicles. Auto businesses before would give out a sticker, with no real responsibility. Now with a computer and with a picture of (the vehicle) and failed components in the garage bay, some liability will be lifted from the shop owner." While G. Stone may have decided not to increase its inspection fee, other auto centers will likely pass on increased costs to their customers." For the full article and citation please visit: 

March 17, 2017
2016 President's Award!

We are excited to announce that we won the 2016 FORD PRESIDENT'S AWARD! It is an honor to know that we achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in all of our departments and will continue to do so! This is one of Ford's most prestigious awards. We are truly passionate about what we do and we can't thank you all enough!

February 9, 2017
New Smyrna, FL

"Former Vermont State NASCAR champion Todd Stone heads up the current list of Pro Late Model entries. Stone of Middlebury, Vermont has experienced success at New Smyrna in the past and was crowned the 2014 Florida Modified Speedweeks champion. Last year, however, Stone suffered misfortune when his No. 1X Pro Late Model ended up on it's roof after a wild ride on the backstretch."
February 16th-25th come check out this big event!

March 12, 2013
The New York Times - Testing the Limits of 'We'll Take Anything in Trade'

"Gardner Stone employs an unorthodox business strategy at his GMC and Ford dealership in Middlebury, VT. Mr. Stone, a gregarious fellow who likes to follow his sometimes unconventional instincts, brags that he will take anything in trade - not just any type of car or truck, but anything, period. To quote the Web site for G. Stone Motors, "When we say anything, we mean anything!" His approach has caught the attention of the GSN cable TV network, which in back-to-back episodes on Tuesday night begins a new reality series called "Family Trade". The show follows goings-on at the dealership as Mr. Stone, 71, says yes to odd trade-ins while others who work in the family-owned business are shaking their heads no. no. no. In the premiere, for instance, the staff finds itself with a lot of maple syrup to sell after Mr. Stone strikes a deal with a couple looking to buy a truck..." Ford the rest of the article and citation please visit:

March 7, 2013
Addison County Independent - Reality TV Show Featuring G. Stone Motors to Premier Tuesday!

MIDDLEBURY - The Stone family's tradition of taking virtually anything in trade for vehicles at their G. Stone Motors dealership in Middlebury will be on full display to the nation through the new reality television show, aptly named "Family Trade", that will premier this Tuesday, March 12, at 8 pm on GSN.

February 10, 2013
Automotive News

"There's no Blue Book value for pigs, cows or maple syrup. But Gardner Stone has taken all of those as trade-ins from customers of his Ford and GMC dealership in rural Vermont. He boldly claims the business, G. Stone Motors, "Will take anything in trade". He really means it. "I feel everything is worth something, " says Stone, 71. "Lots of times you'll get into the middle of a deal and the customer won't be able to go any further. So we always ask them, "What else you got that you're not using?" Stone has been bartering antiques, livestock, and other oddities with car and truck shoppers for nearly 50 years. He says such transactions represent about 20% of his sales. Recently, his unique business approach caught the attention of a production studio, Lionsgate, which thought the dealership would be an ideal subject for a reality show. A pilot the company filmed tested well, and GSN ordered a season of eight half-hour episodes. Filming just wrapped up after six weeks, and the show, titled "Family Trade", is planned for sometime in 2013." For the rest of the article and citation please visit:

December 9, 2011
Addison Eagle

Vergennes - Recently, Vergennes Union High School and G. Stone Motors, a Ford and GMC auto dealership based in Middlebury, held a "Drive One For Your School" test drive fund raising event at the high school. For each test drive the school earned $20. As a result of work by volunteers from VUHS and G. Stone Motors, the school raised a total of $7,000. The funds will be distributed to Twin Valley High School, Vergennes Union High School Senior Class, and the Vergennes Union High School Athletic Field Entrance. Rochester High School was also scheduled to hold a test drive event on the same weekend; unfortunately due to the damage sustained from Hurricane Irene they were unable to complete their fundraiser. Ford Motor Company offered to match the Vergennes High School event and send an additional $7,000 to Rochester High School. 


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